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As a passionate, client centered photographer, getting to know you is of utmost importance.  Our Philosophy is unlike most photography companies, and we would like to explain why.

These images are yours!  We may have pressed the shutter button, but they were taken for you, to capture an irreplaceable moment in your life.  We do NOT believe that you should be limited to a certain number of finished images from a session.  We believe that you should receive a detail shot AND a picture with extended family, for instance, when others would force you to pick. 

All images captured during your wedding, birth story, boudoir session, etc will be looked through and processed for you to enjoy for generations to come.  During the session, I will be making adjustments to the camera and other equipment to compensate for changes in the environment.  Test shots like these, or images with eyes shut, heads turned, or movement that is not desired will be omitted from processing, but not deleted.  Occasionally in portrait photography, composites need to be created to have everyone looking their best.  This is when those extra photos that may not have been processed can be exceptionally helpful.  Once processing and editing is complete, you will receive a copy of your high resolution images.  You may choose to have them placed on a USB drive, or receive them as a digital download.  

Our Birth Session Philosophy stands above the rest when it comes to being client centered.  As soon as you hire us, we are ON CALL, you do not need to be 38 weeks along to have us ready to attend your birth.  You have enough stress when it comes to being pregnant, and uncertainties can haunt the best of us.  Photos are the last thing we need you to worry about.  We are here for you, nothing will get in the way of attending your birth.  We would rather receive a call/text saying it might be the day to have your baby, and it be false labor, then have you wait until you are sure.  We would rather wait 6 hours with you, and not be 5 minutes late.  If you have a history of premature labor, please let us know.  We believe every child is a blessing, and we would never miss your birth because you did not carry to term.  I have personally attended hundreds of births, and no two births were exactly alike.  I am confident in my ability to capture your birth session in a beautiful way, regardless of the circumstances, and your birth plan.

​We are very skilled and experienced shooting in various lighting environments, but even locations with stunning natural light can be affected by a cloudy day.  We bring everything needed for every possible situation, including at least one back up camera, several lenses, extra memory cards and different ways to help with lighting the environment if it is needed.  This also means we are able to capture stunning PHOTOS & VIDEO clips during your event!  All of my clients receive a slideshow, edited, with music, that includes photos and video captured during event, free of charge, as a gift from me.

You may always Book Online, but it is not required.  Our prices are completely transparent, there are no fees added on.  If the price is listed as $800 online, that is what you pay, it is all inclusive!  On my end, we pay the sales tax, and any processing fees associated with the transaction, it keeps it simple for you, so you can enjoy your session.

Additionally, we offer Payment Plans, as well as accept payment using PayPal, Venmo, Square, Stripe, Cash, Check, and Credit/Debit Cards.  Arrangements can also be made for direct account transfers from the bank.  The price remains the same regardless of how you pay.  The first payment is due at the time of booking, equal to 50% of the session cost, to secure your date and time, as well as cover pre-event costs on my end.  The first payment is non-refundable, with the remaining due by the date of the session (portraits, studio, and similar).  For weddings & events, the remaining is due no later than 60 days before your scheduled event. Should your wedding or event date change after the first payment is made, but before the last payment is due, we can usually adjust the date of the wedding or event to accommodate your needs.  For sessions that have a date not set in stone, the remaining balance is due no later than 2 weeks before the estimated date of the session (birth, newborn, and similar), as they are unpredictable.  Should something happen after the first payment is made, but before the scheduled shoot takes place, we can usually reschedule your session without difficulty, when we are provided with at least 48 hours notice.  All monies paid toward the initial booking date will be applied to the new date in this situation.  If the session is not completed on/at the new agreed upon date/time, Untouched Photography LLC will retain the first payment, but refund all monies paid above first payment (50% of the session price) amount within 14 business days. 

We encourage you to reach out, however you feel comfortable, to ask questions and learn more about what we have to offer!

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